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Bruce & Ruth Jernigan

Bruce was born and raised in Florida. Bruce lives in North East Florida in the city of Jacksonville. He trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour at the age of seven. Ruth is from Ecuador in South America. Bruce met Ruth while doing missionary work in Ecuador in 1994. We were married four years later in December of 1997. Ruth was raised in a Christian home and trusted in Jesus Christ as her Saviour at the age of fourteen.

We have served in children’s ministry as a couple for over ten years. Bruce has served in children’s ministry personally and as a Children’s Pastor for over fifteen years. We received our calling to be missionaries in January of 2007. We were appointed as Awana Missionaries in April of 2008 to the North East Florida region.

We look forward to serving as Awana Missionaries in Florida and working with churches to reach boys, girls, and their families for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Some Bible verses that we try to use to guide us in our lives are Isaiah 6:8, Jeremiah 33:3, and Philippians 4:13. Please pray that we will always trust in Christ and not in ourselves as we serve as Awana Missionaries. Bruce and Ruth Jernigan

Bruce & Ruth Jernigan

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